Pearl of the Indian Ocean

“Have you ever tasted the world’s finest tea?
Yes, Ceylon Tea?”
The world’s finest – “Ceylon Tea” comes from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

Truly as elegant as a pearl, it sits pretty in the Indian Ocean below to India, being the definition to her pet name  “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. Ceylon holds fame as “The Teardrop of India” since it lies in a shape of the teardrop on the world map below to India. On top of everything Sri Lankans are known to be the most hospitable people in the world bringing the glory of being “The Nation of Smiling People”.

Sri Lanka, officially known as the Democratic, Socialist, Republic of Sri Lanka has a documented history of nearly 3000 years, located in the South Asian region surrounded by the Indian Ocean.
The rich culture, strategic geographic location, beautiful natural scenic views, world heritage sites, and unique lifestyle together with the amazing hospitality of its people make this mesmerizing traveling destination a must – visit in one’s lifetime.

Let’s begin our journey in revealing the wonders of this amazing traveling destination…. KIT


Point Pedro – The north – most point of the island, Sri Lanka

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