Mother Nature

No one can survive on this blue planet,
Hurting or destroying you…
‘Coz the creator, the healer,
and the one who gives life to all is you…

Each breeze of wind blowing across the world,
Each piece of seed growing around the world,
Each drop of water flowing through the world,
Remind us how wonderful you are to the world….

Beautiful Scenery from Kandy, Sri Lanka. For more visit Dileegram

The heat of golden sun can burn us all,
The cold of silver moon can shiver us all,
The waves of blue ocean can drown us all,
Alas! The wonderful you, yet can fear us all…..

The greatest lesson of all,
Treat her the way you like to be treated,
Protect her with our lives, we vow..,
Never to hurt or mistreated….

The idol of an endless lover,
A nightmare to the haters,
Yes, Nature is like our Mother,
And Mother does matter…..!

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