According to what we believe; Angels are supernatural beings that only exist in fairy tales or heaven who are busy with guarding , serving , and making others happy. Well, I’m pretty sure that even for once, You’ve wished an angel to come by and make your hardships, sadness, or those heartbroken moments to vanish. Haven’t you?

But what I believe is that each and every one of us has an Angel within ourselves.

Let’s put it in this way; Just think about your self for a while. Can you be proud or really happy about yourself when looking back into your life? Some of you’ll say “yes why not”! But the million-dollar question is; is that because of the bundle of certificates you have or your result sheets are full of A’s or your bank account is overflowing??? And if that is not the case; Is it because you actually did/do worthy-to-be – proud things in your life???

According to my understanding though we can get a temporary satisfaction or happiness from that materialistic thing, lifelong happiness cannot be gained and TRUE happiness always follows a little good deed that can make someone else happy!!

One day I was walking to the university with my friend and she bought a packet of lunch from a nearby hut. An elderly person came to asking for money….. Rather begging. My friend gave that packet of lunch she bought to that person within seconds. I saw the expression on his face and tears in my friend’s eyes… that face and eyes spoke thousands of words about that priceless moment. After so many days he may had a delicious lunch while my friend had to skip yet with that fulfilling happiness within herself.

Now we don’t have to have expensive big things to make others happy and to move them out of their current negative state of mind to a positive one. Just a word, a thumbs up, a simple facial expression of yours can uplift someone to be their best version at any moment.

During my university end semester exams. Few moments before the IT paper, I met one of my friends near the exam hall. He was so nervous at that moment and I just said “Hey I know you can do this. Good luck! “. To my surprise, I got a text from him after the exam saying “Thank you for believing in me. Your words meant a lot to me.”  

See how easy to make others & your self happy. I mean TRULY HAPPY!!! That feeling you get in such moments cannot be expressed through words. And beware, once you get that feeling you’ll definitely addict to it…!!! And down the line, others will remember you from that one little deed you did to make them move on happily!!! That happiness only costs the positive intention within you in finding a better way to do something, love helping people, being a fantastic support person, the grace that inspires people, lift peoples’ energy and spirit and always see a silver lining in every situation with only the best in people.

Although it doesn’t cost a lot, you’ll one day realize those small things you did were the big things for someone else. That very thing will make you an Angel within someone else’s heart. Therefore, at the end of the day, someone will smile and you’ll be able to be happy and proud of yourself because you are the reason behind that smile.

Yes, you don’t need glowing wings or magical wands to become an Angel until you have a heart that beats for needy and a pleasant smile that spreads happiness to others.  

 Simple as that!!!

So, I believe in Angels on earth! Do you????


  1. In the sense that you.? have expressed it, I believe we are angels within ourselves because of the good influences we exert on others as well as the good (small or big) that we do for others. You written so clearly and convincingly about this topic.

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    1. Of course as long as you have the right and pure intention of helping and rising others up, you are an Angel. 💫

      Thank you for reading and May you be able to do good to others more and more 😍💕


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