A Visit to Galle Fort

Hi Everyone…., So today we are going to visit “Galle Fort” a historical, stunning, and a world heritage site same as the Sigiriya, located in down south of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. And we are going to start our journey from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka and it’ll take around 2 hours to reach our destination via southern expressway. (146.4km)

The best alternative for expressway would be to take the train to Galle which runs along the palm-fringed coast the majority of the journey. Oh, and if you taking your vehicle to Galle, don’t forget to look for the stilt fishermen at the coast.

Stilt Fishermen

Once we reach Galle, entering the fort from that massive portcullis gives you a vaguely European-feeling city tour where the gate of entry from the port is inscribed “ANNO MDCL XIX” which has the depiction of Dutch Coat of Arms with the ubiquitous emblem of cock and an inset “VOC” inscribed in the center.

Galle Fort Entrance

The Galle Fort city gives you the vibe of another world within the city with the charming, historical, archaeological, and architectural heritage monuments spread across. The rich, diversified culture and religious structures add more color to this vibrant city.

Today the city has been transformed into colorful chic boutiques, cafes, and hotels begin to restore the whitewashed Dutch colonial buildings to their former glory without restricting the feeling of you walking down the lanes in the 1700s.

And don’t forget to visit and experience these things when you enter the Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.

Don’t Forget to Visit the Galle Fort Lighthouse

The iconic Galle fort Lighthouse is standing tall on the northwest corner of the Fort where in ancient days it guided the safe passage of ships to the Galle harbor.

If you walk along the Fort’s wall enjoying the scenic beauty of the city and the mesmerizing sunsets over the sea, you’ll end up at the Lighthouse premises which dated back to 1848.

The Lighthouse

The white tower surrounded by green palm trees with blue sky adjoining to the Indian ocean is one of the smoothest and never to be missed views that one can enjoy in this beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

Don’t Forget to Visit the Ramparts/Outer Walls of the Galle Fort

To explore the entire fort better to take the “Fort Walk” from the historic clock tower, then heading south into the interior of Fort, passing Dutch Reform Church until you reach the Dutch Hospital in the western section. From there you can head south to the famous lighthouse and the walk finishes at Star Bastion overlooking the Northern Coast towards Hikkaduwa.

The ramparts and walls are coral mixed and still standing strong guarding the fort city silently over many years. The fort walk is around 2Kms. Remember to take the walk either in the morning or in the evening for the best experience since the temperature is high in the day time.

The Fort Walk will give you a chance to spot local children playing cricket, eat street foods, and chill in inner fort bars.

Not only that you’ll be able to see one of the most adventurous dazzling flights taken by the daredevil divers at the ramparts.

Daredevil Divers

Don’t Forget to Wander Through the Interiors at Galle Fort

Did you know that the Galle Fort or the Dutch Fort is the largest remaining fortress in Asia built by Portuguese in the 16th century and Galle city was then overtaken by the Dutch in the 17th century and became extensively fortified as it transformed into Sri Lanka’s main spice trading port for over 200 years?

Among the remaining buildings still, you can visit the Dutch Reform Church dated back to 1640, the All Saints Anglican Church which will celebrate its 150 years of anniversary in 2021 and the Dutch hospital is also a must-visit place which carries the 17th-century colonial architectural beauty with the technology of keeping out the heat and humidity to provide a comfortable environment within. Today it’s a shopping and dining precinct bringing the colonial experience to those who visit.

Another historically important place is the Amangalla – the residence of the former Dutch Governor which takes us back in time to 1684. Now, this has been transformed into a five-star luxury hotel with delicious food and scenic views. 


Inside the fort it’s a mixed culture with mix religious beliefs, the best example is even for today we can see churches as I mentioned earlier and also a mosque and a temple that adds color to this charming fortress city.

So of course, the best feeling at Galle Fort is to wonderfully lose in the Dutch colonial buildings and the calm lanes of the fort city and a definite experience of traveling back in time to colonial days.

If the coral mixed rampart walls could speak, they will tell you how beautiful it is when the sun rises and sets each day from far beyond the sea. The soothing breeze with the colonial buildings will take you to the old days and this whole Galle Fort journey will be a cherishing memory without any doubt.

Galle Fort brings the charm and beauty to Sri Lanka’s southwest coast and UNESCO recognized the site as a World Heritage Site for its unique exposition of an urban ensemble which illustrates the interaction of European architecture and South Asian traditions from the 16th to the 19th centuries which is the criterion number four for such recognition.

Therefore, don’t forget to pay a day’s visit to Galle Fort once you visit the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka.

See you soon with another amazing place to visit…. Until we meet again ….Cheers…!

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