FAIL! It is Totally OKAY….

One word that I scared the most in life was “Failure.”

In my small days, I was convinced by the myths of societal timelines in doing things in life and I was scared not to achieve things within that. I think most of you have gone through this feeling even a once in your lifetime. But today I am convinced that without failing, success cannot be achieved, and here am sharing why…

Like me, each and every one of us wants to become successful in anything we do and no one likes to be a failure in life. From the day that we are born to the world, this achieving success attitude is inculcated in our minds in different forms, and failures as a negative phenomenon. While growing up what I realized is that we don’t see the ice burg underneath the water but only the tip of it. Because what makes a person today is a result of that invisible, forgotten time period that they went through.

Most of the parents, elders, employers, and teachers want to see the success in their children/students/employees; but never explain the process or the journey of achieving it. Due to this when most people experience failure in life get the wrong assessment of their skills, capabilities which lead to giving up on their dreams, and the worst case will be mental breakdowns.

But what needs to be understood by all of us is that Success is not something that can be achieved overnight or 24 hours. It is a result of a timely process.

Some of you might have heard the story of Picasso.

One day at a grocery shop a lady met the world-famous artist and asked him whether he could draw her a portrait. And he said “Why not” and drew the masterpiece of portrait within 30 seconds. And while giving it to the lady he said “And this costs $30,000”. In shock lady asked, “Why you ask for that much it only took 30 seconds to do this”. And Picasso answered, “But it took me 30 years to be able to do that in 30 seconds”.

Think about any name that comes to your mind when thinking about successful famous people in the world, and all the success stories are filled with failures yet the important point here is that they didn’t give up on their journey because they failed at some point.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was once told by a producer that she’s unfit for the television. Today she’s the first African-American lady to own her production company and television’s highest-paid entertainer.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln lost his job, his fiancée died, had a nervous breakdown, failed in business, lost in eight elections, and finally became the 16th president of the United States.

Walt Disney

The greatest animator of our time – Walt Disney was rejected by his editor thinking that he lacks imagination and good ideas. And he ended up nominated in 59 academy awards and winning 22.

J K Rowling

Divorced with a child and rejected by 12 publishers yet today J K Rowling is the first person to become a US dollar billionaire by writing books and the second richest female entertainer.

All these stories show, in the process of winning, failing is a positive thing because it’s a fantastic learning curve where it shows the ways it cannot be done or signals that another direction needs to be taken in order to achieve something and can develop a growth mindset.

Therefore being strong, accepting the failures, trying one more time, and not giving up on your dreams like a Phoenix rises from its ashes is the most important thing on top of everything that I’ve mentioned here. Because there’s nothing like you are too old or you are too late to achieve.

Let’s start to spread the positive vibe of failing to our children/students/employees so that they won’t avoid the growth, struggles, bad experiences, and never-ending learning because then they understand that it’s the right way to do something new.

So it’s high time to open up the door for them to experience and learn the life through inculcating positive thoughts;

“It’s okay to fail your exam. That’s not the end of your life”

“It’s okay to drop out of university. Your dreams are worth the time.”

“It’s okay to get a divorce. It’s just a matter of timing”

“It’s okay to be diagnosed with a disease. Still, you are loved by others”

“It’s okay not being selected for the job. Thousands of opportunities await you”

“It’s okay to get rejected. Better options are out there”




Don’t be afraid to fail, fail often, fail fast and learn because if you haven’t failed in your life then you haven’t tried anything new. And the price of achieving success is indeed the “Failures” that we go through because nothing… nothing in life comes without a price.

And now am not afraid to fail and ready to pay my price. Are you??

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