A Butterfly Love Story – Poem

On a day in one late winter,
A pretty Kaffir Lily was born…..
Despite the snowy blanket of mother earth,
She stood dazzling, in a garden full of pretty blooms…

Covering to a giant mushroom,
On an old log in the far corner…
A handsome butterfly came in to the world,
Leaving his previous version as a caterpillar….

Reminding the winter lesson,
“Hope” was the only reason,
Stepped in to the new season,
Colorful and lovely fragrance pretty decent…

Among all the flower beauties,
Roses, Jasmines, and Daisies, 
Stood the dazzling reddish Lilly,
Being the center of attraction to many…

On a sunny day in Mid Spring,
Playing and flying with the earth fairies
Mr. Handsome the butterfly,
Happened to spot the dazzling Lily…

Never had the earth fairies ever seen,
How dreamy a butterfly can be…
Rejoicing the power of “Love at first sight”,
He and his friends danced around the tree….

“My dearest Lilly,
I know this is bit silly,
But can’t let you go ideally,
Will you be my bride, for really?”

Blushing Kaffir Lilly,
Softly whispered “YES,” to him…..
Dreaming of a baby Lilly,
Became his, when fairies sang the hymn…

Spent whole summer,
Spreading the love to all so dear….
Slowly reaching to the Fall,
Without a sign of a baby Lilly, After all….

On a day in late Autumn,
The happiest news came….
Lilly the junior was about to bloom,
Pretty couple was over the moon….


With the unbearable freezing cold,
Mr. Handsome the butterfly had to leave the world….
The beautiful family was falling apart,
When earth fairies took him in a heavenly cart….

Reminding the Winter Lesson,
“Hope” was the only reason….
Mother Lillly, Stepped into the new season,
With Lilly the junior pretty decent….

She taught to the little Lilly,
Not to lose hope….
“Though life can be uncertain like the changing seasons,
Winter is definitely coming for a lovely reason….”

— The End —


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