ELLA ,SL – 5 Places to Fall in Love with Ella

Come let’s fall in love with a small hill country town surrounded by soothing greens of Tea in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. It’s a perfect getaway from a busy life to a relaxing, thrilling, and fascinating holiday that you’ll never want to end. Among the idyllic green hills, gushing waterfalls, and architectural marvels, lies “ELLA“, one of the most sought after and appealing destinations in Sri Lanka.

This small laid–back town with the most stunning views, soothing weather, and relaxing surroundings is located in the Badulla District of Uva Province. Let’s take the train to get there since from Kandy to Ella route is known for being one of the most beautiful scenic routes, and train trips in the world. And it’ll take 6 to 7 hours to get to Ella from Kandy.

Here are 5 places to fall in love with Ella,

Bridge in the Sky – The Nine Arch Bridge

So, the first place to visit is the “Bridge in the Sky” or also known as “The Nine-arch Bridge” located 4 km away from Ella town where we can reach through a tuk-tuk. A 200 years old bridge itself will not sound like a fascinating place to you but believe me the combination of architecture of the bridge, it’s surrounding of green tea plantation and forests, the picturesque view, and the little hiking experience will make it a memorable and an unforgettable place in your tour to this island. The nine arch bridge is one of the best examples of the colonial – era construction in Sri Lanka.

Nine Arch Bridge – (Sorry for the pic quality)

And if you are really lucky, you’ll be able to capture and watch a train pass over the bridge. Also, you can take a walk along the train tracks from Ella’s station or to a route close to Mini Adam’s peak hike.

Mini Adam’s Peak

It’s the best and the easiest place to witness the glorious sunset and a phenomenal view of the hill country of Sri Lanka from 1140m tall Mini Adam’s Peak. It’s a 35 – 45 min hike from Ella town and which is named after the sacred Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada).

Stunning view of the Sun Set

This mini-hike leads to the top through lush green tea plantations, waterfalls, and paddy fields while soothing your body and mind with cold breeze and thrilling sensation. And if you keep your eyes open on the path leading to the peak, it has nice and mind-blowing places to click memorable pictures as well. Also remember it’s best to visit the peak either early in the morning or late evening to get the best out of it. Happy Hiking…😊

Ravana Falls

Our next stop is the 82ft height gushing Ravana Falls which falls from an oval concave rock. It is a 3-tier waterfall with a stunning overall view. In the rainy season, it looks gorgeous and in dry seasons the size reduces dramatically. This beautiful waterfall is located in the misty mountains of tropical Sri Lanka and to be specific in the wildlife sanctuary in Ella.

Ravana Falls

On top of the view and the gorgeous look of Ravana Falls, the history it carries and the legendry past is what makes it so interesting to visit during our tour. In the past, Sri Lanka had a king called Ravana. He has kidnapped a princess called Sitha and had hidden her in the caves behind this waterfall. And that’s how it got its legendry name “Ravana Falls”. Also, keep in mind to be careful when visiting the Water Fall.

Ella Rock

Another best place to have a dashing panoramic view in Sri Lanka is Ella rock. The hike will take around 4 hours one way and one of the most thrilling and exciting hikes to take. Here’s how to get on the top very briefly.

First, we came to Ella railway station and walked from Ella station to south on the railway tracks ignoring the distractions and signboards until we reach to Kithaella railway station. Then we continued walking another 10 min time where we found the 2nd left turn. We continued to the straight and passed the footbridge over the river, took the left path, and kept walking the narrow walkway to the open area with a local food hut. (Yummy local food with hot hot finest tea) 😉. Went straight upwards through tea bushes until we get to the top. The path is a bit tough yet be careful and climb to the top because it is worth the effort without any doubt. And on the top, you’ll get to see a jaw-droppingly stunning and breath-taking panoramic view of the lush green mountains of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

View from the Ella Rock

Mega Zipline

At last but not least, amid all the natural beauty in Ella, we could add some thrilling & adventurous experience with Sri Lanka’s first-ever Zipline which flies over the luscious green estates of Ella.

Mega Zipline in Ella – A Mega Tourist Attraction

The bird’s eye view of the stunning hills of Sri Lanka can be seen from the two-wire zip line stretches for more than half a kilometer sliding at 80kmph. And don’t miss this opportunity of flying in the sky, so safety and with gorgeous views of the hill country when you visit Sri Lanka.

Aaanndddd it’s a wrap to our tour to Ella.

So yes, Ella is the ideal stop for all the nature lovers, hikers, adventure enthusiasts, and Adrenaline junkies since it gives not so ordinary hillside experience. Hope you all enjoyed today’s journey to Ella and will meet again soon with another stunning place in Sri Lanka.

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