The Treasure that Never Lose Its Glow!

Well yes…! Apart from our family, that group of people we call ‘FRIENDS’ holds a special place in our hearts.
The question is can we consider each and every one of them as our true friends????
Yeah it depends on what kind of an actual relationship you have with them. Maybe not only them, but we ourselves also become friends with others for various reasons. Don’t we?

I believe in something, that everybody should stick into when it comes to any form of relationship no matter whether it’s a friendship, love affair, business-related matter, or even among relatives, we should be LOYAL to one another and to our own selves. It will become the bridge that holds everything till the end and the essence of TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

In life we come across friends who can be known as true friends. I am sure every one of us has such friends irrespective of the fancy names we call them. Some of them are known as Soul mates, Besties, Dear Comrades, Buddies, Lifetime friends, and many more. Loyal/True Friendship is the best form of friendship but ‘friends with benefits ‘is the most existing form of friendship. Well… when having that sort of friendship we should be careful because if that bond broke that’ll bring dangerous results to one’s life. So why risking our lives and peace of our minds by having such fake friendships?

In this journey of life I am lucky enough to get to know loyal friends from kindergarten to school to university to work-life whom It opens up the doors to encounter dynamic life experiences which help to understand the difficult times that life throws at you and to identify different characteristics of people.

Then comes the question, how can we identify a loyal friend? Let’s say like this if that person always shows up whenever needed although he/she doesn’t chat text or call you always and often; or that person never ever lets you down whatever that happens and at the end of the day you’ll realize that’s the only one you got to talk about the worst thing that happened to you, that is THE TRUE FRIEND that you are seeking I would say.

Here is a nutshell of thoughts on TRUE FRIENDS from different life experiences;

I have a small circle of friends from school and we thought of having a day out after 8 years since we left school. We live different parts of the country leading different styles of lives yet at the end of that day we could proudly say about our friendship that “Nothing about any one of them has ever changed”.

I believe that is what the spirit of a TRUE FRIENDSHIP means.

In my 4th year at university, One gorgeous young lady convinced me how we could be a part of the happiness in one’s life. And we could do things beyond the normal limits to spread the goodness of people such as donating our hair to Cancer victims.

Yes TRUE FRIENDS do good things and even show us the paths to do good to humankind, animals, and to the world at large.

This special friend is the one who drives me to be the best version of me. She’s the one who believes in me no matter what, encourages me to achieve high, Stands with me till I make every dream of mine come true, and therefore I truly can call her my “Dear Comrade”.

I am blessed with such TRUE FRIENDS in life. But remember, to get such friends we need to be that kind of a friend to them first.

Also it’s important to treat your friends the way that you wanted to be treated. So that no complaints, no hard feelings will be left with you. Don’t be friends for what your friends have other than a rich heart. Money, gold, or diamonds doesn’t give you happiness or the real solutions for your loneliness. And at some point in your life you’ll realize that the greatest treasures are nor golds, nor jewels, nor works of art. For worldly things will fade away as seasons come and go…., those things can not be held in our hearts.


The treasure of TRUE FRIENDSHIP will never lose its glow!!!!

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